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“I finished your book at midnight last night. I just loved it! Your descriptions were so vivid I could smell and hear and see so much of what you were describing and of course I went from laughter to tears and what could be better in a book than that?”   


          ~ Wendy

Letters from Italy

     Long before emails, cell phones and text messaging, letters were the only means of keeping in touch with loved ones far away. Waiting for the mail to arrive was one of life’s simple pleasures, as well as a source of bitter disappointment when that longed-for epistle did not come.

     Leaving their comfortable life in Canada behind, Edward, Diane and their two children embark on an adventure beyond their wildest imaginings. In order to follow Ed’s dream of improving his technical skills on the double bass with a world-renowned teacher, they move to Italy for the better part of a year. Before their departure, Diane’s aunt gives her a diary in which she faithfully records their daily struggles, triumphs, failures and hilarious encounters. 

     Written as a series of diary entries and letters to friends and family at home, Letters from Italy is a warm-hearted, intimate account of a life-changing experience.

Book no.1
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